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GIF/MP4 keyframes/Polite Loading

Onlymega comes with a handy feature called Polite Loading

When Polite Loading option is enabled, Onlymega will create an animated GIF image or MP4 video to be used in place of your HTML5 banner when client has slow internet connection(fallback will be shown until html5 banner is still loading) or disabled javascript in the browser.  

It's also possible to Download GIF/MP4 that consists of pre-defined frames in case you need a small-size GIF/MP4 file.

1. Click “Settings” menu button, then in “Polite Loading” panel turn on “GIF” or “MP4” option.

2. Since fallback generates animated GIF image based on frames screenshots, you can customise how exactly it will look by using fallback keyframes (draggable red indicator).

3. When dragging keyframe indicator (red line) you will see banner changing its state on the stage, producing a preview of items that will be visible on the particular timeframe. Click Add fallback keyframe (1) button/icon to add a new frame to fallback GIF animation. When frame is added you will see a frame icon appearing on the timeline. If would you like to remove a frame, double click on frame’s icon.

4.When producing a fallback GIF you can have as many frames as you want. So in order to add another frame, just move keyframe indicator further on the timeline(2) and click add fallback keyframe(1) button/icon again. Another frame will be created.

5. To see the preview of the Fallback simply enable the “GIF” checkbox (1) in Preview popup. Sometimes you can see that GIF preview is not matching the image that you see on editor canvas. This is because in preview you will see the actual screenshot with animation effect (for example during fade out) and on canvas you will see the item’s static position (visible or hidden).

6. When creating a fallback GIF keep in mind that the more frames you add to the fallback the heavier (more KB) produced GIF image will be, so try to limit number of frames to as little as possible.

7. Also when Fallback option is enabled for a banner, Onlymega will use your first keyframe to generate banner’s thumbnail in dashboard.

8. It’s also possible to download the GIF/MP4 file and use it separately from the HTML5 banner.

GIF Fallback sample (3 keyframes):

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