Onlymega HTML5 banners are fully compatible with the Google Ads platform.

Before uploading your banner to Google Ads – make sure to follow Google’s best practices:

  • Animation length must be 30 seconds or shorter
  • Animations can be looped and must stop after 30 seconds
  • For animations with a white background – enable a border for the entire banner
  • Banner size must be less than 150kb

Validate your banner using Google Adwords validator tool.

1. Download the banner from the Onlymega dashboard in HTML5 format:

2. Go to Google Ads (Adwords). Select the Ad Campaign and Ad group into which your banner will go and click the “+” button:

3. Select Upload display ads:

4. Click the Choose files to upload button and select the zip file downloaded from Onlymega:

Note: Disable any Ad Blocker when uploading a banner, otherwise it will prevent you from seeing it.

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